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I'm a Senior Information Systems Analyst at a local hospital. I also run a IT Consulting firm. I also teach. I love my family and I'm an Android addict.

Keep it simple son.



For some strange reason I keep finding myself enjoying stock HTC themes more and more.

Comments are welcome but everything seen is fairly self-explanatory.

Rock N’ Rolla

Not my best setup in the least but I had some trouble finding a wallpaper to justify how sick Tha Luxe is. Was running the Cyanogen Mod 7 Pre-Alpha this weekend which I highly reccoemnd as it was mostly functional over the weekend.

Maybe later on in the week I’ll make another attempt at properly rocking the icons. Comments or questions are always welcome.




While some may not appreciate my lockscreen here, Easter is a very important time for me so I hope you enjoy regardless.. As usual, I’m addicted to Tha Phlash’s icon sets and he cranks them out so fast I don’t even have time to make a proper theme for each one! Click on his banner on the main page and by all means get an icon pack or two. If you enjoy ADW as your homescreen replacement, he also has packs for that as well which can be found in the market. Comments are welcome.

Matted Blues for Sense ROMs

Launcher Pro widgets with signals23-BLURPS-BLUE skin (market)

MIUI Clock

Retro Date


Digital Clock (Lockscreen)

Widgetlocker 2.0


Easter Lockscreen

Dead Space

As usual, rocking the newest of Tha Phlash’s sick icon collections. Tha Entity is a blurred almost surreal set that looks great with space themes or whatever you have in mind. I’m pretty pumped about this one. Comments are welcome. 

The 80’s

Thought I’d try a new ROM and found a theme that gave me a good idea for an 80’s theme. Enjoy.

Retro Clock/Date


80’s PNGs (in my Dropbox)

Tha Tron

Although I would love to see the newly released Tron: Legacy movie, I’ve never been very excited about any Tron theme I’ve seen to date.

However, when the ever-magical artist thaPHLASH just released a new icon pack – I couldn’t resist. Enjoy.

Tha Tron

Usual widgets –

Widgetlocker 2.0

SMS Unread Count



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As usual click on thaPHLASH’s banner on the right and nab a pack or two!!!!!

Plaid–The Second.

snap20110413_222542—————> Changed up the wallpaper and first screen a bit. Radius’s HD icon set and Digital Clock widget.