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Just another Architectural Photographer looking for love haha..

“Dark Wood”

Hey all,

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend

Haven’t been able to be creative with my setups these past couple of weeks as work has been kind of swamping me at the moment.

I figure this setup was decent enough to be shown to you all ūüôā



Hey all!

Hope everyone is off to a great weekend

My phone has entered NBA Playoff mode ..and with that I have to rep my team!

I found this great Kobe Bryant vector over at Deviantart (http://blingbling1106.deviantart.com/) and thought I would use it in one of my setups ..so I came up with this.


  • Minimalistic Text Widget
  • Widgetlocker Lockscreen
  • SMS Unread Count


Hey guys..

Can’t believe it’s midweek already.. time fly’s when you are busy busy!

Here’s my midweek setup with a lil guy I haven’t seen in awhile ..Danbo!

Usual widgets at work.

  • Minimalistic Text Widget
  • Widgetlocker Lockscreen
  • SMS Unread Count
  • Widgetsoid 2x


Hey all

Hope everyone had a good weekend (:

I couldn’t come up with anything great these past couple of days so I fell back to “the usual” type of setup as I try to think up something new. My previous setup (“Pxl Bear”) was really hard to replace but after awhile (4 days LoL) it got stale. Although it’s been done before, The way the colors work together is what makes this setup “post” worthy

The wallpapers used in this are from http://itnsltwn.deviantart.com/ . They have been edited to fit with the current setup.

Icons are “Black Glass Icons” which can be found here:¬†http://smert1012.deviantart.com/art/Black-Glass-Icons-98830253

Dock can be found in my dropbox in the dropbox section.

Widgets in use

  • Widgetlocker Lockscreen
  • Minimalistic Text Widget
  • SMS Unread Count
  • Widgetsoid 2x

“PxL Bear”

Hey all,

This midweek setup is one of my favorites so far. Simple and easy on the eyes (:

New addition to the widgets in use!

  • Fancy Widget Pro (Weather)
  • Widgetlocker Lockscreen
  • SMS Unread Count
  • Minimalistic¬†Text
  • Widgetsoid 2x
  • Icons: Minicons
  • Dock: Custom (in dropbox section)

“Simple Ocean”

Hey all.

Not much change from my previous weekend setup. I was kind of in a rush this morning and thought I would throw something together

Wallpapers are from http://fiftyfootshadows.net/ ..great stuff can be found there if you are into these types of walls.

Usual Widgets in use:

Minimalistic Text Widget

Widgetlocker Lockscreen

SMS Unread Count

Widgetsoid 2.x

Icons: Minicons : http://icons.enlivenlabs.com/

Dock: custom (dropbox)

“Amat Inspired”

weekend setup!

inspired by the amazing photographer Christine Amat ( http://christineamat.deviantart.com/ )

if you got the time, check out her work!

having fun with Minimalistic Text Widget as a lock screen .. so much innovation coming with that!


Widgets in use:

Minimalistc Text Widget

Widgetlocker Lock screen

SMS unread count

Widgetsoid 2.x

Icons: blurb_whiteedit

Dock: twothin_twoarrow

Font: Europe Underground Light / Arual

( Icon’s and Dock can be found in dropbox section!)