So I’ve been loving Raadius’s MIUI themes, but my phone doesn’t have MIUI support, so worked on a personal version for CM7. Along with some of my own takes on the theme.
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Melon’s smile

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything, I’ve been toying around with alot of ideas but never bothered posted em.
This is something a bit different from me, though. Don’t usually do minimalistic setups, but fancied a change. Mainly because I’m using my own photography in this setup (bar the lockscreen of katy perry) So wanted to view it all. Plus I’ve used a different approach and made my own status bar.
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Simple Icon Template Tutorial

So, I thought I’d make a simple icon tutorial for all those people who have no idea how, it’s really quite simple to start making your own. Once you get the template made, it’s as simple as pie.

This post is heavy on the images.

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Deep blue reflective

So I tried to make something different and just ended up on a different take of a previous test theme I did. This one looks alot nicer and sleaker. It’s all about the reflective icons, baby.
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Spring holidays

Well, just a little bit of a tweak on my previous setup. I’m going on holiday, so wanted to change my setup. Mainly so i’m not using Bobclock anymore and don’t have to mess around with the icon to cover up it’s date and can easily change wallpapers. Continue reading

Paper boat dreams

My latest setup, mainly inspired by the paper boats and a different type of lockscreen (swipe down) Just fancied something different lockscreen wise. As always, I go for functional minimalism rather than complete minimalism.
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