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Keep it simple son.



For some strange reason I keep finding myself enjoying stock HTC themes more and more.

Comments are welcome but everything seen is fairly self-explanatory.

Rock N’ Rolla

Not my best setup in the least but I had some trouble finding a wallpaper to justify how sick Tha Luxe is. Was running the Cyanogen Mod 7 Pre-Alpha this weekend which I highly reccoemnd as it was mostly functional over the weekend.

Maybe later on in the week I’ll make another attempt at properly rocking the icons. Comments or questions are always welcome.




So I’ve been loving Raadius’s MIUI themes, but my phone doesn’t have MIUI support, so worked on a personal version for CM7. Along with some of my own takes on the theme.
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Thumb Keyboard Public Beta.

I haven’t been able to keep up with Android and tinker with my phone as much as I would like to because finals are looming on my horizon; but, I did come across Thumb Keyboard a few days ago. If you are lucky enough to have snagged a honeycomb tablet could be the thing for you, the layout is super nice, themes are included and it makes typing a breeze. I have found the stock gingerbread keyboard on my Droid to be pretty much on par with this, but this is nice if you want to throw a a theme over the stock look.

Features included in Thumb Keyboard: multi-touch, correct previous written words with suggestions, shortcuts – store and edit written phrases, mail signatures, logins and insert them with a simple tap, new addition to the prediction algorithm, new – resize the width of the letter keys on the split layout, alternative suggestions for voice input and a new design. I highly recommend downloading the beta becuase it is only going to improve from here, and it still is damn good as of right now.

Grab the Thumb Keyboard Beta here

 Via [XDA]

“Dark Wood”

Hey all,

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend

Haven’t been able to be creative with my setups these past couple of weeks as work has been kind of swamping me at the moment.

I figure this setup was decent enough to be shown to you all 🙂