Hello my new

Miui rom

Launcheur pro +

Minimalistic texteIcons Aelous By Raadius

Wall lockscreen Adiana Lima

Wall home By D5RĀ  (DeviantArt)

Editing Gimp

Font Walkway

Wallpaper availible in my dropboxĀ  :

All The Above

Today’s. Pretty much the usual.
I try not to use the same icon set but I just love this one.
I remembered to save the wall without the icons this time.
If you want it with the icons, let me know.

-Widget Locker Beta
-Desktop Visualizer
-Minimalistic Text
-Fancy Widget Pro


Backyard Beauty

What’s up guys? Been working A LOT on the theme/framework. Akoe101 made an awesome alternative status bar dropdown and I spent all day fixing it up. Looks pretty sweet in my opinion. Not going to show a peak yet, i’m going to let it be a surprise.

On with the set up!

Went back to using my own photography for wallpaper. I photographed the homescreen wall (the right one) right in my backyard hehe.

I claim no responsibility for the left one, the lock wall. I know I got it from deviant art somewhere but I forget who took it. But all credit goes to him/her.

Using Lunie’s Purity FS icons again, along with my custom dock, and minimalistic text on Adw Ex. For my lockscreen, i’m using widget locker with a self made theme, and minimalistic text.

Framework/theme is by me and akoe101. We will release it probably next week (I hope :D)

I think that’s all so let me know what you guys think.

Raadius style

miui rom
theme Aeolus regular by Raadius
icons Aelous by Raadius
font Walkway bold
Wall lockscreen Yuri Ebihara for my dropbox
Icons @ modify by vukandric icons browser edit by me