Chalk Ball app review ~ Guest Post

Hey readers! It’s ljbaumer from the MagnaM0d Blog here to write a new guest post for you guys!

This is my first and only guest post so far aside from my introduction post here:

This guest post is going to be an app review about the cool new android game “Chalk Ball”, anyways let’s get started.

Promotional video from the developer:

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LauncherPro Mod for Sense

If you like to use Sense on your new Thunderbolt, or any other HTC phone, check out this new MOD of LauncherPro from Rang3r over at XDA. I downloaded this and am trying it out now. The best thing about it? The fact that you can customize the dock! You still get the Sense feel, but you can change the shortcuts!! And with the most recent update of LauncherPro Plus, Fede added a GMail widget!

Now, I’m posting a screenshot just to show you the different dock shortcuts. Don’t make fun of my customization please…lol I have had a creative block for the past few weeks.

LauncherPro Plus MOD

Try it out and let me know what you think!

[Review] ZDbox Delivers All Of Those Android Tools You Ordered

While I was doing my daily “patrol” I was able to snag this app review by Brad Ganley over at I really think it deserves to be put to the test, seems like an app that I will use very frequently, and what else can we ask if you can get all of its goodies for free. Enough talk, here’s the article:

“In the world of Android and, specifically, Android power-users, there are a lot of things you can do and a myriad of tools you can do these things with. One of my favorite things in the world is getting several tools I use regularly consolidated into a single package. If you use your device with any kind of regularity, you know that there are several things you like to know, modify, kill, lock, or enable. Enter ZDbox, a Swiss-army knife of sorts for Android.

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These 20 Android apps shine on the Motorola Xoom

I’ve downloaded most of these on my Xoom…Angry Birds is the BOMB!!

applicious on xoom

Tapping into Android apps on the Motorola Xoom tablet literally introduces a new dimension to Google’s mobile operating experience.

While the distinction between apps on tablets and smartphones on Android devices is less pronounced than what exists between the iPad and iPhone (as well as the iPod touch), there are a handful of great Android apps for the Motorola Xoom that you should consider downloading right out of the box. So, what are they?

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Nike+ for Android

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to do a quick write-up of a cool app that some would deem useful. It’s the Nike+ app for Android. Now don’t get too excited here, as you probably, like me, are thinking about how cool it would be to use your Android phone on a run instead of the old  iPod, but thats not what this is. Yet.

Right now the app only allows users to check data stored in their Nike+ web profile, which is kind of remedial, but super handy for those users who do use it. Users like, say, those who wondered what their last training runs were, before they dislocated their kneecap…


Edit/update- Evidently this app has been pulled from the market. I pulled the apk from my device and put it in my dropbox. Thanks.

Swype gets a pretty serious update

The very popular alternate keyboard for android phones, swype, just got very substantial update. The changes include:

  • The hidden word tip window will only show up once when you first install Swype instead of every time it finds a new word.
  • Contact names that are automatically added to the user dictionary will now stay deleted instead of being re-added accidentally.
  • Prediction accuracy will not worsen over time.
  • Support for QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA and qHD touch screens has been added.
  • Dictionaries for Dutch, UK English, and Russian have been added.

So you feel that may benefit you in any and you are in the beta you might want to go here on your android phone to download the update. Here is a link to the source.


n64oid now out, grab it on the market!

Have you ever had the urge to play some good old fashioned super mario 64 or maybe some conkers bad fur day but you lost or damaged your av cables for your nintendo 64? Well android app developer YONGZH has a remedy for you in the form of n64oid. Play your old fashioned games on your android phone or tablet wherever and whenever you want. Many of the games also run at full speed and sound with a device with decent capabilities, so if i were you id get a few of your favorite games together on your SD and give the emulator a shot for just $5.99 in the market here.