Simple Icon Template Tutorial

So, I thought I’d make a simple icon tutorial for all those people who have no idea how, it’s really quite simple to start making your own. Once you get the template made, it’s as simple as pie.

This post is heavy on the images.

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[TUTORIAL] Icon reflections

I’ve been asked several times “how do you add reflections to your icons” This has nothing to do with the ROM, or any special .APK, in fact you need to modify your icon .PNG’s files.

There’s 2 ways you can apply this icons to your screen work:

1)(my favorite way)  Embedding the icons to the wallpapers, like on the example below, everything has been embedded to the wallpaper, now just waiting for Desktop visualizer so I can place transparent icons in top and make them working icons

2) Modifying every icon that you want to add reflections and just use them as any other icon.

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[TUTORIAL] “Keep it green” effect in Photoshop.

Hey folks,

Welcome to my second Photoshop Tutorial.

WARNING: This tutorial is heavy on images, so if you have a slow internet connection it might take a while to load up completely, there are almost 30 images in total.

First let me say something, I’m not a Photoshop Guru or anything similar, I like to experiment and play with my pc programs, therefore this is my very own method for this particular technique. If anyone here knows of a better way to achieve similar results, please share the information and help the us build a better Android community by sharing our knowledge.

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[TUTORIAL] Chiseled-out letters with Photoshop

Since I posted the the screenshot below, about a week ago, I have got a couple of dozens of emails of how to accomplish the appearance of the text to be “chiseled out” using Photoshop. Well Today I got the time to take a few more screenshots and created my first tutorial, so if you are interested on learning this technique, stick around, it’s fairly easy, not complicated at all, requires very minimal Photoshop knowledge.

St.Patricks 2011

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[TUTORIAL] WidgetLocker 2.0 – The simplest mod yet

WidgetLocker is almost a staple in the Android moddification community as it ads a ton of functionality options for the lock screen on your Android device. Now, with the latest WidgetLocker update to version 2.0, modding it is easier than ever. In past versions, one had to mod the .apk file and “sign” it so the Android OS would recognize it. However, with 2.0; it’s just as easy as placing them on your “/sdcard/data/com.teslacoilsw.widgetlocker/themes” folder. Check my Dropbox in the /Widgetlocker 2.0 Themes directory for my collection of 2.0 themes. For a more advanced tutorial, click the image in this post or shoot any of the authors here an email. Enjoy!

[TUTORIAL] Minimalistic Text

So, you went and got Minimalistic Text Widget from the market? Great right! Although, many of you might be wondering how some people have managed to get a certain look with it that just doesn’t seem possible. Well, I’m here to tell you about all the most common set ups with Minimalistic Text and how to create your own. If you have any more requests, then post a comment below.

When you open the widget you will get a menu like above. But in order to get that cool look that you see some people using, you want to pay attention to the Custom Preferences. So let’s say you want to make a personalized clock. So it says Hi Matt, its 4 o clock today! Obviously with your name in place of Matt and so it actually reads the current time of the day.

The first thing you want to do is got to predefined layout, check off custom layout.

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