Helpful Links

Here’s a very impressive collection of Icons that I found over at XDA.

I’ll keep a close eye to this link since this collection is getting update very often. Now features more than 375 icon packs:

Icon Collection

How to theme Laucher Pro:

Launcher Pro [MOD-THEME] by signals23


WidgetLocker V2.0 [DISCUSSION-THREAD] From page 1-189 is dedicated to that OLD way of modding WidgetLocker. If you are looking for the new V2.0 discussion, start reading at page 190.

Learn how to Theme

A comprehensive guide to learn how to THEME

If you are modding APK’s I’m sure that more that once you have seen a 9.png and wonder how to edit it, well check the link below for that.

How to edit .9.png’s

updated 3-02-11



Glass reflection

A purple Thing

A dark place

Dark conscience

updated 3-16-11

more to come…

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