How to sign up!

If you are interested on being part of the “Contributors” team of the blog, you might find useful the following instructions for an easy registration and account activation with the blog. Please keep in mind that a blog works a little bit different from a forum and so it does the registration process, this is why I decided to put up this guide to make it easy for all new members to register and summit their first post.

For Current users: skip up to step #5, for all others start at step #1

1- Go to the main page of and click on register

2- Click on the link under the username field


3- Complete entirely the next form and then click on Sign up



4- Check your email for a registration confirmation and make sure you click on the link inside that message to confirm your registration, once you done that, you’ll be then registered on, but not yet on my blog



5- After you see the above screen and your account has been activated, you need to send me an email to customandroidnet(@)gmail(dot)com and only include on the subject field of the email the following: “Request for a new contributor” then send it. I will activate your account as soon as I can; after this, you will have access to the dashboard and will be able to make your first contributions. NOTE: The email that you used to register and the one that you will use to send me the message must be the same one, otherwise I will not be able to activate your account. Click on “my blog” and select “Dashboard”


6- Click on Post and select “add new”


7- Give it a name to your post, select the format (Standard) and select the right category. To add images to your post simply drag them to the board ( big white square) there is no need for a special code or link for the image to show up properly. After you are done with your post, click on “submit for review”. One of the staff member will review your post and either publish it or send it back to the author to fix any issue.



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